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Making IRC Scripts Easy!

Atomik 3.0a1 (2,667k MacBinary), released on the 1st of January, 2005.


The release of the first alpha of version 3 of Atomik marks the first time you can run all of Atomik under MacOS X. This version will actually only run under MacOS X.
I will be posting code and hosting the downloading of Atomik on You can sign up there to be notified of changes to the project.

What it Does

Atomik is an AppleScript™ that loads in Ircle and provides automatic channel management and interface enhancements.

Type "/load atomik" in Ircle to load Atomik and "/prefs" to set it up using the preferences application. After this Atomik will manage all the channels and connections (up to 10) that are active in its preferences. Typing "/unload" will unload Atomik and save its preferences for the next time you load it. Atomik provides an easy to use interface to configure the swear kick/bans, flood kick/bans, auto-op, auto greets, notify list, notes function, nick grab, seen function, notice management, auto away, and all the other useful features that are built in.

No more hassle typing obscenely long commands into Ircle to configure a script or looking up commands in large manuals that you are only going to use once. Atomik has one easy to use dialog that configure all its functionality.

Making IRC Scripts Easy! 

System Requirements

This is Freeware

Atomik is being released as freeware. I have done this because I think it is about time I put something back in to the great Macintosh comunity that I found online. If you would like to be notified of new versions, please contact me through the project page, or see me online on (server in channel #macintosh.

When I was starting to create my script, it was of great annoyance to me that all the halfway decent scripts out there were all released as run-only. This slowed down my development time greatly. As such, I am releasing the source to Atomik to anyone who wants it. The source is being released under the GPL.

How to Contact the Author

Please post your comments, suggestions and bug reports to the project page. I will try to answer them as soon as possible!

What's New in This Release

Release 3.0a1 1st January 2005:

Release 2.0.1 13th June 2000:

Release 2.0 22nd March 1999:

Release 2.0fc10 6th September 1998:

Release 2.0fc9 27th August 1998:

Release 2.0fc8 8th August 1998:

Release 2.0fc7 1st August 1998:

Release 2.0fc6 8th February 1998:

Release 2.0fc5 1st December 1997:

Still to Do

Credits & Copyright

Concept and Programming: Jonathan Trott (taj)

Beta Testing: Lagking, Paula, dagger, VL1, ^nexus, MrFisher

Sample Code: All the writers of sample scripts for Ircle, the best IRC client on earth.

Inspiration: An eggdrop bot written by stux and called atomik.

The Atomik AppleScript™ is (c) 2005 by Jonathan Trott, all rights reserved.

As long as you don't change the contents of the archive containing Atomik you are encouraged to make this software available to others. Copy it, upload it, put it on CD-ROM, spread this piece of software in any way you can imagine! If you do place it on a WWW or FTP site, or place it on a CD-ROM, I would appreciate contact through